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41   Link   Niagara Falls Review - June 27, 2008
"What started as a pilot project with modest funding and goals has now developed into a popular tourist travel option."
42   Link - June 27, 2008
"The Bike Train is a multi-modal service that encourages low impact tourism and healthy and active lifestyles."
43   Link   Globe and Mail - June 25, 2008
"Everybody knows train travel is one of the most civilized ways to get from point A to point B, but how do you get around once you reach your destination?"
44   Link   Town Crier Online - June 5, 2008
"The cost of air travel and road trips has soared with rising gas prices making vacation travel costly. Why not ride the rails ..."
45   Link   Zoomer Report - June 8, 2008
"If you like the idea of biking in the Niagara region, but don’t like driving there – here’s a greener option. You can take your bike on the train. Via Rail is offering 27 round trip departures on trains with specially designed baggage cars that can accomodate 56 bikes."
46   Link   Women's Cycling - May 14, 2008
"When you think cycling, you don’t automatically think train. But happily for avid bike riders in the Toronto area, cyclist Justin Lafontaine did."
47   Link   Toronto Sun - April 23, 2008
"Fiddle-dee-dee time"
48   Link   Highly Obsessed - April 23, 2008
"Another popular out-of-Toronto cycling spot is the Niagara region. Last year, our cycling squad made numerous trips to the Niagara area for rides. There you can find hills around the escarpment, quality roads, plenty of flat terrain, and certainly beautiful scenery. There is no GO transit to Niagara, however, which means the difficult part is getting there. Enter"
49   Link   CBC Radio One - April 4, 2008
"It's a Toronto to Niagara Falls via train on which you can bring your bike for a day of cycling in the Niagara region."
50   Link - March 6, 2008
"The Toronto-Niagara BikeTrain is making a return in 2008 after a successful pilot project in 2007."
51   Link   Get Out There Magazine - March 1, 2008
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52   Link - February 27, 2008
"Forget the snow, it's time to start planning your summer of cycling. The Toronto–Niagara Bike Train will be returning this year with an expanded schedule, more travel options, and some getaway package deals. Building on last summer's successful pilot program which saw dozens of cyclists and their bikes riding the train between Toronto and Niagara Falls on each of four weekends, the 2008 edition of the Bike Train spans eight weekends from late June through the end of September. The September trips should be popular thanks to events like the Niagara Wine Festival."
53   Link   Dodgeville (blog) - August 19, 2007
"Well, I did it. As I’d threatened to do earlier this year, and just four weeks after reiterating my vow, I rode back home to Toronto after taking the Bike Train to Niagara Falls."
54   Link   I Bike T.O. (blog) - July 25, 2007
"Bike Train organizer Justin LaFontaine, has done an excellent job getting this pilot project off the ground. All 56 spots of the inaugural run were sold out."
55   Link   Yarn Harlot (blog) - July 23, 2007
"For various reasons (have you met my new stove and seen the tour schedule?) we found ourselves too short of time and money to do a whole lot, vacation- wise this summer. We decided to do a quickie when we heard about the bike train."
56   Link   Bike Lane Diary (blog) - July 22, 2007
"Highly recommended! It's a great time.
Use it or lose it."
57   Link   Dodgeville (blog) - July 22, 2007
"Risa and I rode the inaugural Bike Train to Niagara Falls yesterday. We joined dozens of passengers in loading our bikes into the baggage car for the regularly-scheduled Saturday morning train from Union Station. Some, like us, were just tootling around town for the day. Others were staying for a night or two, heading into the U.S., or cycling all the way back to Toronto."
58   Link   I Bike T.O. (blog) - October 1, 2007
"Justin LaFontaine has won the I Bike T.O. First Annual Award for his tireless work in organizing the hugely popular Bike Train."
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