St Catharines & Twenty Valley Area Print

The Toronto - Niagara Greenbelt Express stops at St Catharines train station, allowing cyclist on and off in both directions. Use this convenient stop to base your Niagara area explorations from, or create a loop ride with return or start from St Catharines. Rides could include

  • Downtown St Catharines area and beyond
  • Jordan and Twenty Valley area wineries and agritourism trails

  • Mountain biking in Short Hills Provincial Park

  • Welland Canal Trail

Start and end your trip from St Catharines train station, conveniently located at 5 Great Western Street St Catharines, close to downtown.

Look for bicycle direction signs outside the station to steer you to downtown area or bicyle friendly wine route towards the 20 Valley catharines 2010 map x 140.jpg

Tour & Trail - The St. Catharines Guide - NEW 2010

Download this new map booklet for more trail, route and information on the area - HERE

Or call City of St. Catharines to request a printed copy (905)688-5600